Webinar: The outlook for clean beauty

Published: 24-Jun-2020

Debunking clean beauty myths and the path towards sustainability

Clean Beauty and Covid-19 will define Millennial and Gen Z consumer trends for years to come. Join the Future of Clean Beauty Live global leadership event to understand this critical convergence, debunk clean beauty myths, differentiate your next product launch, and discover the latest circular economy ingredient innovations.

This leadership event will empower you with a clear definition of clean beauty and the latest science, technology, and innovations expertise to become a “clean beauty visionary” to support sustainable, safe, and high performance applications. 

What you’ll learn

  • Strategies for launching successful, sustainable formulations with ingredients from renewable sources
  • How to launch with reduced packaging
  • The outlook for zero waste and circular economy in cosmetics
  • A clear, science based understanding of what clean beauty is (and isn’t) and how to battle misconceptions.


Mark Curry and Colette Newberry | The INKEY List

Hear brand insights from The INKEY List founders Mark Curry and Colette Newberry on launching new products that resonate with “skintellectual” consumers and their innovative brand story

Mia Davis | Director of Environmental and Social Responsibility, Credo

Understand how to define, explain and operationalize 'clean' beauty from a retailer’s perspective from Mia Davis, currently the Director of Environmental & Social Responsibility at Credo Beauty, the largest clean beauty retailer

Sarah Parsons | Features Editor at Cosmetics Business & Pure Beauty, CosmeticsBusiness.com

Learn about the latest retail and emerging industry trends from Sarah Parsons, an award winning journalist and editor, on which brands are succeeding with clean, reduced packaging, and consumer insights.

John Toner | Director of Innovation and Marketing, Aprinnova

Learn about a framework for clean ingredients, the circular economy, and the latest sustainable ingredients from Aprinnova’s John Toner who leads industry innovation efforts to promote sustainability without sacrificing performance.

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