VernovaPure: Iberchem’s latest biodegradable malodour neutralising technology

Published: 11-May-2023

VernovaPure is suitable across all fragrance applications, including all leave on, rinse off Cosmetic applications

Iberchem's VernovaPure corresponds to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) standards of Readily Biodegradable, degrading ≥ 60% within 28 days, with further degradation afterward. The ability of VernovaPure to be highly efficient in neutralising numerous malodours whilst reducing its impact on the environment elevates Iberchem as a sustainable fragrance technology provider.

VernovaPure is suitable across all fragrance applications, including all leave on, rinse off Cosmetic applications as well as Laundry, Home and Air Care applications, and effective for a wide range of malodours such as sweat and cigarette odours.

VernovaPure delivers sustainable solutions for wherever there is a malodour.

The launch of VernovaPure is a remarkable achievement for the company's sustainability programme, affirming Iberchem's commitment to take responsibility for having a positive, environmentally conscious impact through olfactive solutions. VernovaPure aligns Iberchem further with Croda's Corporate Strategy to deliver growth through innovation and sustainability, proactively contributing to Croda's Commitment to being Land Positive by 2030.

Delivering more effective performance than Iberchem's traditional malodour neutralising technology NeoPure, VernovaPure utilises chemical nutralisation to be effective across all applications, against a wide range of malodours. As a result, all new odour-neutralising fragrances created by Iberchem will utilise this new biodegradable technology.

"It is excellent to be expanding our fragrance technology platform with the addition of VernovaPure" says Michael White, New Technologies Director at Iberchem. "This malodour neutralising technology positions Iberchem as an innovator in fragrance technology solutions as we deliver high performance, environmentally conscious fragrances which meet consumer's olfactive expectations. I look forward to seeing VernovaPure thrive in a variety of applications and delivering more sustainable, tailor-made fragrance technologies in the future."

VernovaPure is a great addition to Iberchem's Green Future Seal increasing the variety of tailor-made fragrance solutions which are in accord with the environment. This new technology is the perfect choice for companies looking for effective, malodour neutralising fragrances whilst actively contributing towards their sustainability commitments and reducing their environmental footprint.

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