The ultimate skin superfood to restore balance and care


Urban life, stress, pollution and chemicals mean the epidermis’ delicate ecosystem is continuously challenged. Derek Latil, Jaume Mercade and Joan Tarraga present ‘the ultimate superfood’ for skin care, skin energy and balance

The epidermis, the outermost layer of our skin, separates our body from the environment and is masterfully designed to resist the penetration of external substances and pathogens while retaining moisture and nutrients. This dynamic shield is home to a complex and vibrant ecosystem: the skin microbiome. A network of symbiotic and competing species, the skin microbiome is a key component of the epidermal layer.

Unfortunately, this delicate ecosystem is continuously challenged. Our rapidly changing lifestyles are disrupting the balance created during millions of years of symbiotic and adaptative life evolution. Urban life, stress, pollution and chemicals conspire against this balance. The prevalence of sensitive skin is rapidly increasing. Our skin immune system is struggling to cope with the speed of change. So, how can we help restore the skin balance? How do we preserve its homeostasis? And which technologies will enable holistic skin care?

These are the challenges that the ALGAKTIV research team has focused its efforts on for many years, and now, they have made an exciting breakthrough. ...

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