The Fragrance Foundation forms ‘indie’ fragrance committee


New group to highlight and promote smaller fragrance brands

The Fragrance Foundation has announced it is to form a new committee dedicated to developing the recognition of ‘indie’ fragrance brands and their creators.

The new group, which includes committee members from fragrance houses, Robertet and Mane, luxury retailer Barneys, and existing members of The Fragrance Foundation, will support the ‘excellence, talent and artistry’ of niche perfumes and encourage smaller brands in the fragrance world.

“We are keen to find a way to encourage more niche/independent submissions, reaching out to the smaller, successful entrepreneurial brands not supported by a large company,” commented president of The Fragrance Foundation, Rochelle Bloom.

A new award will also be added to the FiFi line-up next year to highlight these brands. The foundation defines an indie brand as one that has been on the market for at least two years and is distributed in 1 -25 stores.