Seppic wesource introduces active ingredient to combat ‘inflamm’dryness’


Biotechnology-derived Hydrachrysum claims to help break the cycle of dry skin and inflammation

Seppic wesource introduces active ingredient to combat ‘inflamm’dryness’

Speciality ingredients company Seppic has launched a new product under its nature-inspired active ingredients platform wesource.

Hydrachrysum is a moisturiser claimed to break the cycle of ‘inflamm’dryness’. This is a phenomenon that occurs when the altered barrier function of dehydrated skin results in an inflammation signalling cascade.

Hydrachrysum is inspired by Helichrysum stoechas, a maritime plant that is notable for its ability to adapt to its arid ecosystem.

Developed using Seppic’s Celtosome biotechnology process, it contains hydrophilic and lipophilic molecules derived from differentiated plant cells, as well as specific ones secreted in the medium.

Hydrachrysum induces a decrease of pro-inflammatory mediators, while boosting pro-resolutive ones, thereby enabling a return to skin homeostasis and the improvement of the skin barrier function.

The ingredient increases the number of lacunae, which are markers of hydration, essentially acting as extracellular water tanks and representing up to 40% of the volume of the stratum corneum.

Hydrachrysum has been proven to boost skin moisturisation after just five days, by significantly increasing the number of lacunae by 82% versus placebo.

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Seppic notes that the ingredient is both Cosmos and Natrue approved, as well as halal certified.

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