BASF's personal care innovations and sustainable solutions embrace “Everything is Beauty” at NYSCC Suppliers' Day 2024

Published: 25-Apr-2024

BASF will unveil innovative and holistic solutions for both seen and unseen Personal Care challenges in its “Everything is Beauty” campaign at the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) Suppliers’ Day 2024 on May 1 and 2 in New York


  • Through the “Everything is Beauty” campaign, BASF introduces innovative, digital, and sustainable solutions for skin, hair and sun care challenges.
  • BASF showcases its latest ingredient innovations, including sustainable emulsifiers and dimethicone alternatives driven by Artificial Intelligence.
  • BASF highlights its new ingredient, Epispot™, a responsibly sourced rosebay willowherb extract.

BASF will unveil innovative and holistic solutions for both seen and unseen Personal Care challenges in its “Everything is Beauty” campaign at the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) Suppliers’ Day 2024 on May 1 and 2 in New York.

“BASF is collaborating closely with our customers to redefine the future of the personal care industry," explains Nader Mahmoud, Vice President Business Management, Personal Care North America at BASF. "Our unwavering commitment lies in our sustainable and cutting-edge ingredient solutions that encapsulate our 360-degree approach. Today’s consumers are investing their time and energy into enhancing their overall well-being and our portfolio of solutions help them do just that.”

At the Javits Convention Center, New York, Booth #701, BASF will guide the visitors on this journey to uncover the unseen in its “Everything is Beauty” campaign:

Beauty is Versatility. Smart Formulas

At the “Smart Formulas” zone, BASF will showcase a diverse range of digital solutions and ingredient innovations tailored to address various formulation challenges. Among these solutions is Binding Blocks: The Emulsifier Texture Kit, a collection of formulations meticulously developed by BASF showcasing our robust emulsifier portfolio. Featuring the newly launched green emulsifier, Emulgade® Verde OL10, attendees will be guided through a captivating sensorial experience. BASF's digital platform, D'lite, offers seamless management of formulations and ingredients. Furthermore, the “Emollient Maestro” presents dimethicone alternatives driven by Artificial Intelligence, while the innovative “Ingredients Revealed” module consolidates industry standards for a simplified approach to addressing various certification criteria from brands and retailers and offers additional sustainability insights.

Beauty is Authentic. Texture+

The “Texture+” zone will highlight BASF's notable progress in the field of textured hair and scalp care over the years. “Elevate Your Texture: Beyond the Basics”, the latest installment of BASF's textured hair program caters to consumer demands by offering proven formulations tailored for curly and coily hair. From our environmentally friendly surfactants Plantaren®, to our innovative actives Rambuvital® and PeptAIde® 4.0, BASF's solutions transcend beyond grooming, a new look at scalp care, diverse and protective hairstyles, and streamlining the path to healthier hair and scalp.

Beauty is Confidence. Seeing the Unseen

Embracing the power of ingredients is essential for maintaining overall well-being. Within the “Seeing the Unseen” zone, BASF will introduce a holistic approach to body care, emphasizing the efficacy of ingredients in skin care, notably showcasing the new bioactive launch, Epispot. This responsibly sourced rosebay willowherb extract targets excess skin shine, microbiome dysbiosis, and reinforces the skin's antioxidant defenses, which is especially important to sensitive and blemished skin. BASF will demonstrate how Epispot promotes a balanced, matte skin appearance and a healthy and naturally flawless complexion.

During NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2024, BASF aims to unveil the intrinsic beauty within every individual. In addition to our highlighted ingredients and digital solutions, BASF will showcase its product portfolio, including biodegradable, bio-based polymers, and non-ionic surfactants as well as retinol actives and zinc oxide dispersion.

Join them at Booth #701, so together you can experience how “Everything is Beauty” and how BASF is addressing the key cornerstones to Care 360°– Solutions for Sustainable Life: sustainability, digitalization, innovation and new approaches to collaboration with customers and consumers.

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