Salvona promises clear skin

Published: 4-Oct-2013

SalSphere Clear Skin is an AHA/BHA sub-micron technology that fights blemishes and hydrates the skin

US ingredients supplier Salvona has introduced SalSphere Clear Skin, an AHA/BHA sub-micron technology that the company claims slowly releases AHA/BHA to fight blemishes and hydrate the skin. According to the company, irritation and dryness commonly accompany the use of hydroxy acids, but SalSphere avoids this issue. The technology is also compatible with water based carriers, including cleansers and lotions. SalSphere is intended to be used as a daily application, providing gentle skin exfoliation. It provides increased moisture and rapid rejuvenation and is particularly effective for consumers with dry or sensitive skin. Meanwhile, SalSphere’s bio-adhesive polymer enables the aqueous solution to adhere to the skin, while a hydrophobic core of under two microns creates stability and controlled release of active ingredients. According to Salvona, both the raw material and the gel formulation created from it remain clear through stability testing for 90 days at 42°C, enabling the ingredient to be incorporated into creams without discolouring them.

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