Resynchronising the skin’s biorhythm with Circanblue

Published: 22-Jun-2023

The increasing digitalisation exacerbated people’s desire to disconnect and reconnect with their natural wellbeing

The circadian cycle is a critical factor in maintaining this wellbeing. Now that recent studies showed how peripheral circadian clocks in the skin play a vital role in regulating its physiological metabolism, Provital developed Circanblue™, a 100% natural cosmetic ingredient that resynchronises the skin's circadian rhythm after digital overexposure.

This active is a vegan postbiotic, as it is biotechnologically obtained from the probiotic Lactococcus lactis. Its ability to induce an epidermal circadian resynchronisation was quantified by the circadian expression rhythms of CLOCK and CRY1 after perturbations with blue light. Furthermore, its action against skin ageing was demonstrated by the significant upregulation of the expression of a melatonin receptor, a skin-repairing enzyme (SIRT1), and two key detoxifying enzymes (NQO-1 and HMOX1), thus proving both its chrono-protective and well-ageing effects.

Circanblue™ appears as the first postbiotic active to prove an integrated skin revitalisation in sync with our natural circadian rhythm after this has been altered by a digital overexposure.

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