Pure Beauty Award Winner Nêô Sephiri redefining sustainable skin care

Published: 1-Jun-2021

The brand’s Pure Kalahari Melon Facial Oil, concentrated for skin cell recovery and moisture balance, contains only one naturally powerful ingredient

Founded on the basis of a climate intervention, Nêô Sephiri’s team have been researching and producing Kalahari Melon Oil for nearly 10 years.

Communities within the Kalahari Basin, South Africa are being directly impacted by climate change, with frequent droughts becoming the new norm. In their search for ways to adapt to this changing climate, Nêô Sephiri discovered the Kalahari Melon.

While other crops withered away this special plant continued to thrive within the desert’s extreme ecosystem. Through scientific investigation they found that the seeds of the melon encapsulated a naturally powerful oil, rich in 70% omega-6 essential fatty acids and more vitamin E than any other plant oil, to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin barrier.

Nêô Sephiri’s Pure Kalahari Melon Facial Oil, recently won Best New Sustainable Skincare Product in the Pure Beauty Global 2021 Awards.

Nêô Sephiri produces every drop of their hero ingredient on their organic-certified farm, where their transparent supply chain encompasses ecological, economic and social sustainability.

The Kalahari Melon is indigenous to the region, growing wild in abundance, so doesn’t risk overharvesting. It locks in water by shooting its roots deep into the ground, meaning no irrigation and a production process in sync with ecology. From reusing 100% of the melon waste as organic fertiliser for the next harvest, to recycling leftovers from cold-pressing as high-protein animal feed and using biodegradable packaging wherever possible.

By disrupting industry norms and utilising a climate-resilient plant, Nêô Sephiri is pioneering a sustainable skin care industry, making a direct impact on local communities and mitigating the future impacts of climate change.

Watch Nêô Sephiri’s sustainable skin care story to learn more.

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