Pujolasos launches first-ever compostable wooden cap free of plastic and glue

Published: 12-Nov-2019

The new Woork cap is a patented innovation from the Spanish packaging company

Pujolasos, the Spanish packaging company, has developed the first-ever 100% natural and compostable wooden cap free of plastic and glue.

The wood packaging specialist developed the new Woork cap after years of R&D in an effort to meet increasing demands.

It stated: “This innovation responds to the current need and demand of the market aimed at offering consumers 100% organic and sustainable packaging products for the beauty sector.”

Eliminating the need for plastic inner parts or glues to join materials means the Woork cap can be discarded and composted.

Word and cork are completely renewable natural materials, and provide a luxury aesthetic for beauty brand packaging.

The patent grants full exclusivity with regard to manufacturing, commercialisation and distribution, Pujolasos noted.

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