Pujolasos launches P-Refill - it’s latest innovation

Published: 27-Oct-2022

A reuse packaging solution completely different from what has been released

Pujolasos is launching a wood container system that adapts to the new market needs. An innovation with infinite lives thanks to its reusable structure. Besides, it is made in a way that makes it very easy to separate the materials for its recycling.

Also, remember that Pujolasos currently has 4 different innovative closure systems on the market.

Woorigin®: the monomaterial cap

  • Natural wood that "clicks". Improves the user experience.
  • 100% wood
  • Plastic and glue free.
  • PEFC® and FSC® wood certification.

Woork®: the organic cap

  • Natural wood with cork inner
  • Plastic and glue free
  • PEFC® and FSC® wood certification

Woodle®: the recyclable cap

  • Easy to separate for recycling
  • Natural wood with recyclable plastic inner

Woon: a thread monomaterial cap

  • Natural wood with thread
  • 100% wood
  • Plastic and glue free
  • PEFC® and FSC® wood certification

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