Matsos - the new sustainable brand by Pujolasos

Published: 28-Sep-2023

Pujolasos, a pioneer in the development and manufacture of sustainable wooden packaging for the beauty sector, is taking a distinctive leap in its brand purpose: to contribute to an even greener future by working with different materials with a common denominator: sustainability

From this ambition born Matsos®, the new sustainable and disruptive brand by Pujolasos.

Matsos® is a brand committed to creating sustainable solutions through innovation, reuse, and circular economy, promoting responsible and eco-friendly consumer behavior.

We invite you to join us in this revolution of sustainable beauty. Discover a new form of sustainability that will not only captivate you but also make a meaningful difference in the world we share. Join us as we open a new chapter in the history of fashion and perfumery, cosmetics, and home fragrances, where sustainability and luxury merge in a single movement.

Visit us at LuxePack Monaco Ravel Hall RC16, October 02.03.04 - 2023

Matsos® will change the way we create.

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