Preview – The EU Cosmetics Regulation: A Conference on Compliance

Published: 20-Sep-2013

The leading conference held in the UK informing cosmetics industry experts about how best to implement the EU Cosmetics Regulation enforced from 11 July, 2013

TSGE Forum is holding a conference: The EU Cosmetics Regulation: A Conference on Compliance due to the compliance demands based on the Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009, which came into force on 11 July 2013,

Held at two UK locations (26 November in Manchester and 28 November in Milton Keynes), the conference is aimed at manufacturers, formulators or retailers of cosmetic and personal care products who face challenges complying with Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.

Keynote speakers

Presentations will be delivered from recognised experts on making claims, GmP, labeling, safety assessments, preparation of regulatory documentation (PIFs) and working with the cosmetic products notification portal (CPNP).

Five speakers will be present for both conferences, which will be chaired by David Munden, well-known within the cosmetics industry. David is a renowned expert in cosmetics legislation with extensive experience in the industry working for companies such as Revlon Group, Givaudan Ltd and The Body Shop.

Other speakers include Joyce Ryan and Petrina Fridd, both independent consultants, Dr David Andrew, Head of Human Health at TSGE LLP and Amy Burrows, project manager for cosmetic regulatory affairs work at TSGE LLP.

With just over two months to go, this is an opportunity to network with speakers and delegates in the industry, gain an understanding of the regulatory requirements and gain practical advice and guidance on measures to achieve compliance.

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NEW: Cosmetics Business becomes a media partner for the EU Cosmetics Regulation: A Conference on Compliance

“Cosmetics Business is proud to be a media partner for these two events held at the end of 2013,” says Chris McLeod, Product Manager at Cosmetics Business. “Understanding the EU Cosmetics Regulation is of significant importance to the industry and an event highlighting how the Regulation should be implemented by the relevant stakeholders is an event that continues to get the full support of the industry, and an event that we are very happy to provide our support to this year.”

About TSGE Forum

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