Personalised skin care service Dermatica reveals rebrand

By Austyn King | Published: 21-Feb-2023

The subscription service aims to stand out from ‘expensive and time-consuming’ competitors in the growing personalisation market

Dermatica, the personalised skin care platform, has undergone a brand makeover with an emphasis on providing affordable skin care solutions tailored to customers’ needs.

The online diagnosis platform made its debut in 2018, offering consumers tailored skin care advice and treatment plans to help tackle a variety of skin issues including acne, ageing, pigmentation and rosacea.

Customers can take an online questionnaire and upload selfies at to be assessed by the brand’s team of experts including consultant dermatologists, pharmacists and GPs.

They will then determine the best active ingredients and treatment to develop a personalised skin care formula, as well as providing ongoing check-ins so that plans can be adjusted as consumers’ skin needs evolve.

The revamp comes amid a swell of personalised beauty and skin care services in recent years, with the sector predicted to be worth more than US$72bn by 2028, according to InsightAce Analytic.

Google also reported a 50% increase in searches for customisation and personalisation in the last year. 

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“The last decade has seen an increasing number of personalised skin care offerings, most of which have been expensive and time-consuming,” said Mieran Sethi, a consultant dermatologist for Dermatica.

“However, skin health is measurably determined by numerous individual factors such as hydration levels, inflammation, wrinkle depth and oil production.

“At Dermatica, our process focuses on the advanced online dermatology consultations and review of the responses by our expert clinical team, combined with prescribing a custom combination of science-backed ingredients in the formula.

“With our technological advances and extensive research we then can provide products which are tailored to consumers’ individual requirements to help improve their skin health.”

In addition to its personalised services, Dermatica also offers a selection of skin care essentials including cleansers, moisturisers and treatments such as Azelaic Acid 20% Cream.

Dermatica’s founder Dwayne Souza added: “We’re on a mission to make dermatology advice and evidence-based skin care accessible and affordable for everyone.

“Dermatica continues to evolve and bring new innovation to the market, so we felt now was the perfect time to refresh the brand as we enable more people to achieve their skin goals.”

Customers can receive their first personalised formula at a reduced price of £2.90, with the subscription costing £19.99 a month which is said to provide 28 days’ worth of formula.

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