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Published: 31-Oct-2022

KerascalpTM, an ally for self-esteem in the age of imagocracy

In a context where image has gained a great deal of power with the explosion of communications and the pressure of social media, caring for our hair is closely linked to how we perceive ourselves, our self-confidence and identity.

Provital, in line with psychoaesthetics and backed by Psychotrichology, responds to the desire of ageing well by fighting the most visible hair-ageing signs, which are aggravated by stress and that lead main consumer’s concerns: hair loss and hair greying.

KerascalpTM is a holistic active ingredient, 100% natural origin (ISO 16128) Halal certified, vegan and COSMOS compliant, that acts on hair-ageing visible effects from the root: a healthy scalp. It strengthens hair, reduces hair-loss, increases hair shine and reduces hair-greying. Its efficacy has been demonstrated in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo in a mixed panel of stressed volunteers.

The secret of KerascalpTM lies in its origin, the Amla, an ingredient highly revered in India and used for years in Ayurveda’s medicine, that is considered as a natural adaptogen and known as a rasayana fruit for its rejuvenating properties. Provital reports for the first time the dual action of Amla, that acts both on hair follicle strengthening and pigmentation.

KerascalpTM addresses cosmetics solutions for both men and women that are looking for delaying visible signs of hair-ageing to recover a youthful appearance with stronger, revitalised, shiny and free from grey, hair.

Discover the multiple possibilities of scalp treatments as KerascalpTM HERE.

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