Nails Inc expands into skin care

Published: 6-Oct-2016

Thea Green launches Face Inc – a collection of fast-acting face masks

Nails Inc has expanded into skin care with Face Inc – a collection of products said to work in just 15 minutes.

The range includes Cat Nap (£5), a brightening sheet mask, Flower Power (£5), a hydrating sheet mask, Instant Detox (£5), a cleansing mask and 40Winks (£5), an anti-ageing mask.

Thea Green, CEO and Founder at Nails Inc said that the products are all “easy to use and fun to apply”. The fast-acting ingredients are designed to fit around busy lifestyles.

Green said: "I'm thrilled to be bringing Face Inc by Nails Inc into the world. Designed to fit around our busy lives and lift our mood along the way, Face Inc by Nails Inc is a fast-acting skin care range powered by natural actives that deliver amazing results in just 15 minutes."

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