Metaverse Beauty Week 2023: The highs, lows and opportunities

By Sarah Parsons 21-Jun-2023

The first Metaverse Beauty Week this June created by advertising agency Cult brought together the likes of legacy player Neutrogena, indie brand I Am Proud and activist beauty champion Lush

Metaverse Beauty Week in the Ffface Me AR filter gallery

Metaverse Beauty Week in the Ffface Me AR filter gallery

The dust is settling after the first annual Metaverse Beauty Week (MBW) and the industry reflects on the virtual event's potential. 

Inspired by the high-profile Metaverse Fashion Week, advertising agency Cult felt that beauty needed to carve out its space in the virtual world with a week-long festival.

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"Our intent behind this was to create as sensory an experience as possible, but also one that was interconnected and accessible to people on different levels," says Cat Turner, co-founder of Cult and MBW. The result? Mixed. Riddled with ...

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