Maximalism is back: Pinterest predicts space buns, bling and galaxy nail art as top beauty trends of 2022

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 7-Dec-2021

As part of the social media giant's annual report, Pinterest reveals to Cosmetics Business what the forecasted trends means for brands

Pinterest has revealed its beauty trend forecast of 2022 – and maximalism is back.

According to the image sharing service, 80% of its 2021 predictions came true, including the coveted 'less is more' skinimalism movement.

But next year more is more, as Pinterest is expecting consumers to embrace bold hair colours, fantastical nail art, and bling will span make-up to tooth gems and pedicures.

The upcoming bejewelled craze is said to be driven by Gen Z as they seek to "accessorise the whole body".

Image saves of tooth gems, pedicure with rhinestones and crystal eye make-up were up by 85%, 150% and 110% respectively in the past year.

'Nailscapes', landscape-style nail art, will be the most in-demand style in the nail care world.

Pinterest has found that images saves of galaxy (115%), aurora (4x), ocean (5x), desert (105%), and geode (2x) were particularly popular as consumers look further afield for their next nail look.

For hair care, brands should expect to see less soft layers and simple trims. Instead, 'rebel cuts' (above) will be in high-demand.

'Pins' for bob cut wigs were up three times in 2021, meanwhile punk shaved head dye designs soared 12-fold.

Nostalgia is also taking hold in hair care, as save for the early 2000s-inspired layered 'octopus haircut' were up two-fold and searches for mullets, suitable for the Tiger King himself, soared by 190%.

Consumers with afro-textured hair will experiment more with their natural tresses, reported Pinterest.

Image saves for high puff hairstyles (165%), space buns (100%), two puffs (65%), short natural styles (185% and natural hair buns (160%) are expected to head off the screen and onto the high street.

Maximalism is back: Pinterest predicts space buns, bling and galaxy nail art as top beauty trends of 2022

Here, Tom Spratt (right), Partner Manager of Beauty & Luxury at Pinterest, reveals what Pinterest Predicts means for brands and how accurate they really are.

In hindsight, how accurate were last year's trends for 2021?

The unique thing about Pinterest is that people come here to plan for the future, so when we look at what people are searching for, we know this is what they are likely to try, buy or do in the future. You could say it’s a bit like having a crystal ball!

80% of our predicted trends for 2021 continued to climb throughout this year. For beauty these included trends like ‘skinimalism’, ‘rainbrows’ and ‘indie beauty’.

It’s definitely a powerful tool for our clients as brands can use these insights to inform and shape their content and campaigns on the platform.

But what really excites me, is that as well as being the first platform to discover new trends, research has shown that Pinterest is also where trends grow faster and last longer, than anywhere else on the internet.

So brands and creators who create content featuring these trends can benefit from sustained interest from engaged Pinners.

Pinterest expects crystal and jewels to dominate make-up looks

Pinterest expects crystal and jewels to dominate make-up looks

What are the wider cultural factors driving this year's beauty trends?

We have definitely seen the influence of Gen Z’s evolving tastes this year, and it’s become clear that they’re the generation who are spearheading more experimental styles.

Next year, we’re predicting that Gen Z will bring the bling to everything. Taking accessories to a whole new level that goes beyond the basic earring or layered necklace, and bringing them into beauty routines, they’re getting seriously creative.

We’ve seen steady increases in searches for things like ‘tooth gem’ and ‘crystal eye make-up’ as they get ready to accessorise the whole body in 2022.

Alongside our younger peers, inclusivity has been a key driving force in shaping our beauty predictions this year.

Following the introduction of our new hair pattern search feature in 2021, which enables Pinners to filter hair searches by their hair type, we anticipate that people will celebrate their natural texture with big hair styling techniques next year.

In particular, searches for ‘space buns natural hair’ and ‘high puff hairstyles’ will continue to spike, as people will seek out hairstyle inspiration that suits their own hair type. After all, how can you be inspired, if you don’t feel represented?

Out of all of the trends mentioned for 2022, which one should brands really pay attention to in the year ahead?

While this year was all about focusing on healthy skin and indie beauty, 2022 looks to be adopting a more rebellious and fun approach.

Get ready to see people incorporating buckets of creativity and escapism into their beauty routine.

From puff hair, to rhinestone pedicures, there’s some really exciting and unusual trends that I can’t wait to see everyone trying out.

My personal favourite of our 2022 beauty predictions has to be the nailscape trend.

We’ve noticed that people are in many ways now considering their nails an outfit accessory and more than ever, they’re taking the time and care over what design, colour and pattern to adorn their fingers with.

In particular, we predict that people will paint landscape-style designs on their digits, as we use our nails as a form of escapism. From ‘geode nail art’, to ‘desert nails’ and even ‘galaxy nail art’, brands should get ready for a landscape nail takeover.

2022 is definitely the time for brands to serve up all the colour themes and products that our beauty lovers will need, to turn their inspiration into action and bring to life their favourite nail ideas.

What standout brands that are driving the trends for 2022?

I’ve loved seeing beauty brands be bolder in 2021 with their campaigns and I think that a few in particular, have done a great job at laying the groundwork for some of the trends that we predict will be big next year.

One of my favourite examples this year has to be Unilever who banned the world ‘normal’ from their product packaging, as part of a programme calling for a more inclusive beauty industry.

It’s great to see Unilever, one of the biggest beauty brands globally, leading the way on stressing the importance of inclusivity.

Inclusivity is a key focus in both our wider Pinterest strategy, as demonstrated by our recent hair pattern search feature and in shaping our predictions, where you’ll see trends embracing natural hair on the rise.

I’m also loving the look of Pleasing, Harry Styles’ new beauty brand - I love that it’s gender-neutral from the start. The nail polishes look gorgeous and the shades will definitely play into the nailscape trend for next year.

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