Male grooming formulations for styling and treating the modern man


These four formulation ideas are ideal for the modern man, and include an intense skin treatment, a water-free shower for hikers, matte wax for hair styling and a serum to stimulate beard growth while banishing greys

Cosmetics Business rounds up the latest male grooming formulations ideal for the modern man.

From a intense skin treatment, a water-free shower for hikers, matte wax for hair styling and a serum to stimulate beard growth – here are four active formulations:

Formulation 1

Seppic has developed Hiking Pocket Shower, a soft sprayable o/w emulsion that fits the sports and water-free trends.

Formulation 2

The mechanical action of shaving can aggravate sensitive skins, which can be further injured by everyday aggressors like UV and pollution. This Intense Recovery Barrier Fluid from DSM helps strengthen the skin's natural hydrolipidic barrier for replenished, healthy-looking skin.


Heat phase A to 80°C while stirring until a clear solution is obtained. Heat phase B to 75°C while stirring until a homogeneous yellowish milky liquid is obtained. Then add phase B to A while stirring and homogenising the emulsion. Pre-disperse xanthan gum in glycerin then continuously add water while stirring. As soon as a clear and clumpfree solution is obtained add it to the hot emulsion and homogenise again. Cool down to 45°C while stirring. Adjust the pH to a value of 4.5-5.5 by adding acid or alkaline as necessary. Add part C to the emulsion while stirring and homogenise again.

Formulation 3

A beard serum, called MaxiMALE Beard Serum, made with active ingredients from IFF-Lucas Meyer that ensures lustrous beard growth while reducing the appearance of grey hairs.


Deploy Siligel into phase A under maximum stirring with rotor stator blender for 5 minutes. Add phase C under maximum stirring. Add phases D and E one by one under maximum stirring. Adjust the pH if necessary.

Formulation 4

For those interested in men's hair styling, this recipe for Crazy Matte Wax comes from supplier Gattefossé.

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Add phase A2 into A1 under rapid mixing for 10 minutes. Add phase A3 into A1 and A2 under mixing for 10 minutes. Heat phases A and B to 70°C. Add B into A at 70°C under rapid mixing for 10 minutes. Cool. Add phase C at 30°C under mixing. Complete cooling.

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