'Make-up has no rules!': Meet this year's Pure Beauty Awards host Luisa Omielan

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 24-Oct-2022

Luisa Omielan's comedy on body positivity, self-confidence and politics has achieved millions of views online, a global tour and a mantra for the 21st century... What Would Beyoncé Do?

We're thrilled that BAFTA-award winning comedian Luisa Omielan is the host of this year's Pure Beauty Awards London!

Luisa is best known for her show What Would Beyoncé Do? and was called 'one of the biggest stand-up hits of the decade' by The Guardian.

She has appeared on iconic British series Live at the Apollo and is a BBC regular with her BBC 3 show Politics for Bitches and Radio 4 commission Gaslit, Groomed and Ghosted.

From the stage to the screen, Luisa has some top tips for getting ready and reveals which goddess of pop is her style icon, as she explains below. 

Who is your style idol?

Cher. From day one, undoubtedly. All the glamour, all the sex appeal, unapologetic. Gorgeous. 

What is your earliest beauty memory? 

Using my mum's Sun-In and pretending I didnt know and thought it was hairspray.  

What are some of your favourite beauty products?

I really, really like face oils as opposed to creams, but something I am using at the moment for skin care that really works for me, are glycolic acid resurfacing pads.

I notice if i use them at night without a moisturiser, my skin looks squeeky clean the next day. In the day, for no make-up, I like the SuperGoop Glowscreen SPF. Make-up wise, I love D&G foundation, because it's not ridiculously overpriced, but it is just hard to get hold of.

But my fave thing at the moment is Peaches & Cream Eyeshadow Primer, I use it as a concealer – it's the perfect tone, without harsh yellow lines. I also think [make-up brand] P Louise is doing some hugely innovative things, not just with products, but as a brand. 

What are your tips for getting stage / camera ready?

Taking your time. I find make-up meditative. Most days, its a five minute job, but when its before I do any of my one woman stand up shows, I allow a good hour, to sit in a room, with excellent lighting and a good mirror.

I also don't believe in using a product just what its for – mix, play, experiment. You paid for it, use it where you want, how you want.

The only rule with make-up should be, have fun, make yourself feel good, be cruelty-free and kind to your skin. Okay thats four rules, but its fine, because there are no rules!

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