L’Oréal’s ‘disclosure model’ is key tool in achieving fragrance transparency

By Becky Bargh 1-Nov-2021

Beauty major and licensor of Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent is giving new insight into its fragrance ingredients

L'Oréal has said the information with be ‘understandable and accessible’

L'Oréal has said the information with be ‘understandable and accessible’

L’Oréal is responding to consumer demands for greater transparency from beauty brands with a new disclosure model for its fragrance portfolio.

The licensor of Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani said the initiative, which will apply to fragrance ingredients, will provide an ‘unprecedented level of information to consumers’.

Poignantly, L’Oréal insisted the information provided will be ‘understandable and accessible’ for its customers.

Far more than a list of ingredients, the voluntary model will give customers a better understanding of where ingredients’ origins, olfactory values and how they work within a formula.

First to adopt the technology will be the international major’s Atelier Cologne, Garnier and Yves Saint Laurent brands.

“Our commitment to rigorous scientific research and standards is what built our longstanding trust with our customers,” said Barbara Lavernos, Deputy Chief Executive Officer for L’Oréal.

“Now, with this new voluntary fragrance disclosure model, we are letting our customers know we hear their desire for not only more information about already available ingredients but also their deep understanding.”

The head of Research, Innovation and Technology for the group added: “Transparency is at the heart of the trust consumers establish with our brands and we are proud to continue to respond to their desires and provide them with the information necessary when making purchasing choices.”

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To encourage other brands to adopt a similar methodology, L’Oréal’s disclosure model will be open to replication by manufacturers and retail partners.