KMI partners with Oxfam to spread a drop of joy


Charity project aims to raise money for sanitation improvements in Tanzania

KMI partners with Oxfam to spread a drop of joy KMI Brands has joined forces with Oxfam’s Drop of Joy campaign to help people living in one of the worst drought stricken parts of Tanzania. The three year project will support the people of Shinyanga, helping improve education and sanitation facilities in the region by building new schools, training new teachers, as well as proving clean drinking water and proper toilets for school children.

KMI aims to raise £50,000 in the first year through proceeds of sales from its Naked Haircare brand, alongside fundraising events and the sale of support accessorise online.

“A simple shower after sports or a relaxing bath is often a luxury which we take for granted,” said Rachel Groom, general manager KMI Brands. “Millions of us are without basic water and KMI Brands wanted to find a project which had water at its heart and felt Oxfam’s long term projects in Tanzania were enabling communities to address many issues.”