Japanese firm invents water-based nail polish that ‘won’t wash off’

By Julia Wray | Published: 7-Jul-2022

Green Science Alliance specialises in environmentally friendly and carbon neutral technologies and materials across industries

Green Science Alliance has created a water-based nature biomass nail polish that won’t come off, even after washing.

The Kawanishi City, Japan-located company, which researches environmentally friendly and carbon neutral technologies and materials, noted that water-based nail polish typically has weak staying power and can easily be removed by washing.

In contrast, its new version is said to have strong adhesion ability to nails.

The main component of Green Science Alliance’s invention is water and natural resin, which results in low odour and a lighter nail-coated feeling than traditional organic solvent-based nail polish.

The polish, which is currently available in blue and pearl green with more colours in the pipeline, can be removed with ethanol.

At present, Green Science Alliance said the polish has a tendency to separate in the container and requires shaking before use.

However, the company added that it is working to solve this issue, which has no impact on the polish’s decoration properties.

Green Science Alliance had previously dipped its toes into the beauty world with the earlier launch of nature biomass, biodegradable false nails, and it recommends using the nails and polish together for an environmentally friendly fashion product.

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