IBR-Dormin benefits for oily, acne prone skin

Published: 16-Feb-2015

Natural aqueous extract from Narcissus bulbs, that is able to slow cell proliferation in a reversible and general manner

IBR-Dormin (INCI: Narcissus Tazetta Bulb Extract) is a natural aqueous extract from Narcissus bulbs in their dormant state that is able to slow cell proliferation in a reversible and general manner. Among cell types affected are also keratinocytes and sebocytes. IBR-Dormin captures and transform flower bulbs dormancy and beauty to the skin.

Sebocytes and Sebum: sebum is an oily/waxy matter that is secreted by the sebaceous glands and produced by the specialised cells named sebocytes. The sebum is used to lubricate and water proof the skin and hair of mammals. In humans they are found in greater abundance in the face and scalp but also distributed throughout all skin sites. There are several medical conditions related to excess production of sebum that include seborrhea and acne.

Acne develops as a result of blockages in follicles or comedones as a result of enlargement and clogging of sebaceous glands and increased sebum production. Under these conditions, the naturally occurring bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes that nourish on the sebum and cell debris can cause inflammation expressed in lesions leading to scars and local pigmentation.

It's been suggested that reduction in sebum production to reduce total oils in the skin may contribute to preventing and treating acne outbreaks. A way to control sebum production could therefore be reduction in sebocytes proliferation that leads to reduced production and secretion of sebum thereby reducing oiliness of the skin as suggest to be controlled by IBR-Dormin.

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