IBR Pristinizer shields against pollution

Published: 21-Apr-2015

Shields against pollution for pristine clear skin

INCI: Water (and) AsteriscusGraveolens Flower/Fruit/Leaf/Stem Extract

Shields against pollution for pristine clear skin

An aqueous extract of Asteriscus Graveolens for anti-pollution - shielding the skin and its cells against damage from pollution.

Pollution in general and air pollution specifically affect skin health and appearance. Constant exposure to environmental toxins leads to accumulated damage to DNA and to chronic inflammation. Both leading to premature signs of ageing. Preventing damage from pollutant, detoxifying them and enhancing skin ability to defend itself against pollution, is a major unmet need of the cosmetic industry.

Asteriscus Graveolens, 'fragrant star', is a perennial growing in arid, hot and sunny desert areas from the Sahara to the Judea desert.

Asteriscus long history of use in traditional medicine includes among multiple treatments against fever, pain and inflammations also benefits for healing wounds and preventing microbial infections. The plant's adaptation to extremely challenging conditions most likely plays a strong role in determining its composition, which includes a variety of potentially beneficial compounds.

Using cigarettes smoke as a broad model for pollution we challenged keratinocytes survival with cigarette smoke contaminated growth medium and measured the cells ability to survive, with and without the addition of IBR-Pristinizer.

The IC50 of contaminated medium was determined and served as key to measuring cytotoxicity and the IBR-Pristinizer protective activity leading to higher cell survival.

In this assay, IBR-Pristinizer displayed, a significant protective effect on cell's survival, increasing the IC50 of keratinocytes grown in smoke contaminated medium from 39% to 56% with 0.002% IBR-Pristinizer in the culture medium.


ANTI OXIDANT: IBR-Pristinizer assists protecting cells from air pollution induced oxidative stress: reducing the expression of genes leading to an increased protein accumulation of the anti oxidant master regulator

ANTI INFLAMMATORY: IBR-Pristinizer protects cells from inflammatory response following exposure to air pollution: reducing expression of genes leading to an attenuated cytokine secretion and thereby inflammation

DETOXFICATION & CELL SURVIVAL: IBR-Pristinizer protects cells from air pollution induced cell death by reducing the expression of cell death related genes and stimulating expression of phase I enzymes such as cytochrome p450 thereby detoxification of hazards and increasing cell survival

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