IBR-Snowflake for skin benefits

Published: 17-Nov-2014

Granted in Australia joining the already granted China patent

Granted in Australia joining the already granted China patent

This invention relates to the use of IBR-Snowflake for promoting skin benefits. The present invention relates to Leucojum extracts, particularly to aqueous extracts of Leucojum bulbs effective in inhibiting contraction of muscle cells or tissues and as anti-oxidants, compositions comprising same and use thereof as muscle relaxants, particularly as a relaxant of cutaneous muscles effective in treating and preventing wrinkles, fine lines and oxidative damages of the skin.

"This patent is an additional support and protection of this excellent active ingredient of ours already shown to be effective as anti wrinkle ingredient with additional skin benefits of anti ageing, boost of natural skin defense by enhancing SOD expression as well as lightening and evening the skin tone. The patent is joining the series of patents, applications and trademarks in IBR's portfolio including DORMINs technology and the colourless carotenoids, phytoene and phytofluene" stated by IBR VP of Business Development Dr. von Oppen-Bezalel. "The expansion of IBR's patent portfolio promotes our global market growth and strengthen our positioning as a market leader and provider of innovative active ingredients."

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