IBR Gapture - natural skin performance and appearance enhancer

Published: 1-Dec-2014

Repairs the Barrier - Stimulates Expression of Structural Proteins

Repairs the Barrier - Stimulates Expression of Structural Proteins

Stronger, less permeable skin envelope enhanced skin performance and appearance
- improving skin structure, strength and cohesion
- improving skin barrier functions
- reducing water loss

IBR-GAPTURE is an aqueous extract of Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Leaf able to reinforce skin structure, strength, firmness and cohesion, enhancing the skin's barrier function and restoring its moisture. A new twist from the Jojoba plant source extracts, different from the existing seed oil based moisturisers and emollients, IBR-GAPTURE is a water extract of Jojoba leaves. IBR-GAPTURE  improves skin structure and cohesion to restore moisture in the skin, as would occur with such structural improvements.

Gene expression studies of the IBR-GAPTURE indicated enhanced expression of several genes related to barrier repair, improvement of the barrier functions and skin cells cohesion, which are linked to enhanced skin performance, appearance and restoration of moisture.

Subsequent clinical tests conducted on the 3% IBR-GAPTURE in cosmetic cream, substantiated this ingredient's tensor effect as well as Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and desquamation reducing effects. Tensor effect, evidence of improved skin cell adhesion and smoothness, and reduced TEWL and desquamation, are evidence of the skin's better ability to hold water as a result of stronger cell cohesion which reduces skin permeability. All these are directly correlated with improved skin integrity and healthy and vital skin appearance.

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