How to formulate a complexion-enhancing flash balm


Instantly smoothing flash balms work best when they provide non-greasy hydration, as well as long term benefits. Here are a formulator’s top tips

How to formulate a complexion-enhancing flash balm
An instantly improved-looking complexion is a useful canvas for consumers working the no-make-up make-up look.

Flash balms – with their burst of moisture – are the ideal tool to help thm achieve this. But where to begin?

Belinda Carli, Director and Cosmetic Chemist at the Institute of Personal Care Science, shares her top tips for making the ultimate flash balm.

How to formulate a complexion-enhancing flash balmFlash balms provide a burst of moisture and instantly smooth out fine lines and wrinkles for a refreshed, enhanced complexion.

They are also versatile. They can be added easily to any skin care or make-up routine and can even be used as a sleeping mask.

To create a flash balm formula, you need to achieve three key things:

  • Hydration without greasiness;
  • Instant wrinkle smoothing and skin soothing results;
  • Formula compatibility to be layered with other products or applied thick as a mask.

To have a winning flash balm, the formula should also provide a fourth benefit: long term results to keep your consumer loyal.

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