How businesses can turn a crisis into an opportunity

Published: 23-Nov-2011

Free presentations at in-cosmetics Asia

The organisers of in-cosmetics Asia (now rescheduled for 14-16 December 2011) have announced that there will now be two free to attend presentations during the event next month. Crisis management expert Andrew Durieux, who is based in Thailand, will deliver the presentations where he will assess the impact of the recent flooding on the country.

in-cosmetics Asia was moved to the new dates as a result of the flooding which severely affected Thailand and its capital city, Bangkok, where the event will take place.

The first session (10:30-11:00am, 16 December) is entitled ‘Impact of the flood on Thailand and the Thai cosmetic industry’, and will review the flooding in the region whilst analysing the impact of the situation on the various cosmetics industry participants in Thailand.

The second session (11:30-12:45, 16 December) moves on to ‘How can the cosmetic industry players manage future floods and other natural disasters’. Durieux will discuss how companies can recover from the flooding as well as the implications for supply chains, providing insight on how to minimise loss during similar situations in the future.

“Thailand copes exceptionally well with flooding but three significant typhoons in quick succession produced a totally unmanageable amount of water, resulting in thousands of factories now being submerged and out of commission,” says Durieux. “During my session at in-cosmetics Asia I’ll be examining the importance of planning and flexibility in the recovery process, as well as advising businesses on the best strategies and tactics to employ during times of crisis. My aim is to illustrate to owners and managers exactly how opportunities can be created, as the companies who recover the quickest will inevitably be the first to win business once things are returned to normal.”

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