How Microalgae Technology is redefining the concept of Responsible Beauty

Published: 22-Nov-2018

Nature at the service of Responsible Beauty

The foundations of the cosmetics market are shaking again. Even though 'natural' beauty has been outperforming 'conventional' beauty for years, it may not to be good enough.

Consumers are moving beyond natural ingredients and challenging the status quo. From the source to the packaging, they are seeking out products that minimise environmental footprint while delivering on claims. And sometimes, as they say, you have to look back in order to move forward.

Back to the Beginning

Coming straight from the origins of life itself, microalgae bring an ancient solution to our present-day need. They are some of the oldest life forms on Earth, forged under the sheer power of the sun in the most adverse conditions.

To protect themselves against such inhospitable environment - physical damage, biological distress and UV radiation - microalgae developed powerful defence and repair mechanisms. These ancestral mechanisms make them truly valuable for skincare.

Microalgae are everywhere - from marine and freshwater ecosystems to thermal waters, soil and even rock. These photosynthetic organisms are unicellular and functionally viable.

They can be isolated in nature and grown in photobioreactors without depleting our still beautiful, yet ailing planet further. It is the ultimate compromise - powerful nature at the service of responsible beauty.

Thanks to the latest biotechnology, it is now possible to harness microalgae to produce novel and sustainable active ingredients. Call it green, natural, sustainable, vegan or cruelty-free. There is little doubt that microalgae is one of the building blocks of future-proof beauty.

Natural is a trend, sustainability a mindset

Acting on this powerful insight, ALGAKTIV is devoted to developing active ingredients from microalgae. It sources wild microalgae in nature respecting the environment and its biodiversity.

By collecting just a few drops of water, microalgae strains are isolated in the laboratory and grown in closed bioreactors, minimising environmental impact while guaranteeing the highest quality.

By using microalgae as natural cell biofactories, ALGAKTIV discovers and develops active ingredients that tap into emerging science and deliver clinically-proven claims.

With sustainability at its core, ALGAKTIV offers the ultimate solution for the consumer that cares.

*ALGAKTIV is a registered trademarked ingredient of Greenaltech

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