Harvard Business Review: The top 6 cosmetics industry CEOs of 2018

By Sarah Parsons 7-Nov-2018

Six beauty industry leaders have been recognised as some of the best-forming business CEOs globally

Harvard Business Review’s Best-Performing CEOs in the World 2018 list has been released, featuring a number of cosmetics industry names.

The 100-strong list is a measure of enduring strong business leadership, and is compiled based on information collected over a chief executive’s entire tenure, as opposed to short term metrics.

Criteria includes market capitalisation, shareholder interest and social contribution.

“[CEOs] face an array of outside forces—savvy competitors, demanding customers, profit-hungry investors, political and economic headwinds,” wrote the Harvard Business Review.

“Nonetheless, their companies have shown a remarkable ability to sustain momentum”

While Pablo Isla of Inditex took the top spot this year, followed by Nvidia’s Jensen Huang, several beauty leaders also secured a spot in the rankings.

So who were they?

1. Bernard Arnault, LVMH

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In third place, Arnault achieved a financial ranking of 7, Sustainalytics ranking of 226 and CSRhub ranking of 186. Tracking of Arnault’s leadership began in 1989.

2. Fabrizio Freda, Estée Lauder Companies

In 19th place is the CEO behind the owner of cosmetics brands such as La Mer, MAC Cosmetics and Jo Malone London.

Freda achieved a financial ranking of 34, Sustainalytics ranking of 422 and CSRhub ranking of 267. Tracking of Freda’s leadership began in 2009.

3. Blake Nordstrom, Nordstrom

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Pitching in at 62, the retail boss has a Sustainalytics ranking of 437 and CSRhub ranking of 392.

Meanwhile, Nordstrom’s financial ranking came in at 93.

4. Jeffrey Bezos, Amazon

The founder, chairman and CEO of online retail giant Amazon came in 68th on this year’s list.

The New Mexico-born businessman was revealed to have a financial ranking of 1, Sustainalytics ranking of 829 and CSRhub ranking of 824.

6. Simon Wolfson, Next

In 97th is Wolfson, CEO of UK retail chain Next. With a financial ranking of 105, as well as a Sustainalytics ranking of 667 and CSRhub ranking of 340, he has been tracked since 2001.

6. Gilles Andrier, Givaudan

In 98th place, Andrier is the CEO of Swiss manufacturer of fragrances and active cosmetic ingredients Givaudan.

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Andrier achieved a financial ranking of 180, Sustainalytics ranking of 298 and CSRhub ranking of 111. Tracking of Andrier’s leadership began in 2005.

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