Greenwashing threatens the Asia cosmetics market


Greenwashing poses real risks to the booming natural and organic cosmetics market in Asia Pacific, as Poorna Rodrigo reports

Greenwashing threatens the Asia cosmetics market

A staggering 62% of Asia Pacific consumers, including those in China and India, buy natural and organic cosmetics. Moreover, a further 32% are keen to buy them, making the region a hotspot for manufacturers of such lines. But this impressive growth has also made the region a perfect breeding ground for greenwashing, experts warn.

The data comes from London-based research company GlobalData, whose Associate Consumer Analyst Matthew Perry tells SPC: “The rapidly increasing demand for natural and organic cosmetics makes the Asian market an ideal target for opportunistic brands attaching false claims to their standard products, hence greenwashing is becoming a prominent issue.”

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Greenwashing is a global problem, but it is less of an issue in Europe and North America compared with Asia Pacific countries. This is partly because ...

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