Givaudan launches first-ever biodegradable fragrance capsules


PlanetCaps, originally used by the company in laundry care, will now be rolled out into other categories

Givaudan launches first-ever biodegradable fragrance capsules

Flavour and fragrances giant Givaudan is meeting the dual needs of sustainability and fragrance longevity with what are claimed to be the world’s first biodegradable fragrance capsules.

The supplier’s PlantCaps offer customers bespoke biodegradable fragrance systems ahead of ECHA’s (European Chemicals Agency) proposed restriction on microplastics in the new year.

Givaudan claims to be the first fragrance house to offer a fully scaled solution of this kind, with the technology already produced in the company's Swiss facility to supply the laundry care market; the capsules will be expanded into other applications in Givaudan’s Singapore and Mexico plants.

Maurizio Volpi, the company’s President Fragrance & Beauty said: “Givaudan has already been leading the industry with a range of options for fabric softeners allowing them to perform brilliantly and smell delightful.

“Now, by translating our purpose into the laboratory, we are thrilled to announce the completion of the industrialisation of our new PlanetCaps technology.”

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Jeremy Compton, Global Head of Science and Technology Fragrances, added: “We have been able to deliver capsules with more than 60% renewable carbon material and a biodegradability that conforms to OECD guidelines greater than 60% after 60 days, with further degradation thereafter.”

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