Givaudan Active Beauty launches B-Biome Score

Published: 18-Sep-2023

The first scientifically proven, 100% transparent and microbiome-friendly label for cosmetic ingredients

Givaudan Active Beauty sets a new standard in the skin microbiome field with the launch of B-Biome™ Score. Fully transparent and accessible across the beauty industry, the B-Biome™ Score label is microbiome-friendly and scientifically demonstrated, backed by a scientific publication1 and endorsed by a dermatological expert. For greater accessibility and understanding, the results of the B-Biome™ Score are indicated by letters ranging from A to E.

In recent years, consumers have become familiar with the skin microbiome trend whose benefits are now in high demand. A recent global study2 conducted by Givaudan Active Beauty demonstrated that 84% of consumers found the B-Biome™ Score certificate innovative; 79% of those surveyed would be willing to buy a beauty product that carries it.

Romain Reynaud, R&D Director: “At Givaudan, we build on our knowledge and innovation in the skin microbiome to develop new ingredients. Developed by the experts at our Centre of Excellence in Microbiomics in Toulouse, France, B-Biome™ Score offers a scientifically proven evaluation method in an open format, allowing beauty brands to quickly understand the impact of active ingredients on the skin microbiome.”

B-Biome™ Score leverages advanced dermatological expertise to determine the final score of a given active ingredient based on three scientific criteria:

  • Short-term impact after one application on the skin
  • Cumulative impact after several days’ application on the skin
  • Resilience of microbial viability after stopping application

Proof positive of our commitment to offer the best and microbiome-friendly ingredients on the cosmetic market, B-Biome™ Score will be progressively adopted to our portfolio of active ingredients.

1 MDPI, Cosmetics 2023 – Rehabilitation of skin bacterial counts to assess the short-term impact of ingredients in topical applications – presenting a culture-based viability score
2 Givaudan Active Beauty CMI study – Microbiome certification, April 2023 - USA | Brazil | France | Germany | China (national representative) – 1816 consumers (70% women, 30% men) aged 18 ~ 55, beauty product users

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