Four active formulations for sunscreen and anti-ageing


This set of formulations covers a natural sun care product, a high protection sunscreen for winter sports fans, a self-tanner promising a golden skin tone and an anti-ageing aftersun

Cosmetics Business rounds up the latest solar shield formulations for high protection.

From natural sun care, high protection and ant-ageing – here are four active formulations:

Formulation 1

An easy-to-apply sunscreen from Croda’s formulation portfolio, which taps the trend for all things natural


Combine phase A and heat to 85°C. Combine phase B and heat to 85°C. Add Solaveil XT-300 to phase A with stirring and maintain temperature. Slowly add phase B to phase A with intensive stirring. Mix with an Ultra-Turrax homogeniser for one minute per 300g at 10,000rpm. Stir and cool to room temperature adding phase C below 40°C.

Formulation 2

A Golden Tan Booster from Givaudan that puts the fake in bake; it is based on the supplier’s Vegetan ingredients line.


Prepare phase A under gentle stirring at room temperature; add phase B to A and heat at 40°C under gentle stirring in a Bain-Marie until totally homogenised. Add phase C and let it cool. At 25°C add successively and slowly the components of phase D and E, stirring after each addition until totally homogenised.

Formulation 3

Just in time for the final season of Game of Thrones, this Winter Is Here SPF 50 Extreme Protective Sunscreen from Seppic is probably protective enough for even White Walkers to use, although it’s more likely to prove useful for winter sports enthusiasts.

Formulation 4

Beauty After Sun from Innovacos contains PolyAquol 2W to repair barrier function; anti-ageing ReGenesea LS; and Plant C-Stem Vigna Radiata to rescue skin from UV damage.


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Prepare phase A by hydrating the thickener (potato starch) in the water phase at 80°C for a minimum of 20 minutes. Prepare phase B and warm it up to 75°C. Add phase B to A and homogenise for a few minutes. Cool down under gentle stirring. Add phases C, D and E below 40°C.

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