Erwachen launches enhancement oil and gua-sha boards

Published: 30-Sep-2019

“How do you choose to live? Turning a blind eye to maintain that delicate balance or bravely take on all challenges looking straight into their eyes?” The physical and mental anxiety will cause negative emotions that has effects in life.

These effects are going to conceal your perception of self-worth and your flexibility of making judgement and inspiration. To use essential oil as the guiding to breath and live will benefit yourself to be awaked both in mind and body and get out of difficulty and tiredness.

Our brand “Erwachen” - based on the concept of natural only was born because of the above thinking.

“Erwachen” originated from Deutsch, meaning to be awake and kindled.

Our logo is an Iris. Iris’ floriography presents hope, courage and faith. Our original intention is to lead people to go through troubles and find the bravery back by using high quality aromatic essential oils.

Our products are all pure essential oils and formulas of German craft art.

All vegetable oils are extracted from natural plants that are grown and nurtured following strict production control. All products are manufactured and bottled in Germany.

All Erwachen products are bottled using the best bottle any essential oils could wish for – “violet bottles”in order to keep its’ original and organic status.

All products are produced in the certificated manufactory according to the GMP (Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices) defined ISO 22716 standards. Erwachen insists to make high quality products only, things that myself would use.

Except products of essential oil, we also develop relevant accessories and appliances for advanced care that is thoroughly designed from inner to external for releasing physical and mental pressure, and at the same time to wake up people.

Once people are trapped, the aroused positive energy might be invisible but must be huge.

Erwachen is here to deliver the affectionate and solid strength for people to reclaim the excellence and hopefulness in life.

We wish people who use Erwachen can be inspired to find her own directions, awaken to discover the loving transformation, to come around the perception and flexibility and listen to the most honest voice deep inside.

Erwachen launches enhancement oil and gua-sha boards

The Rejuvenation Ceramic Gua-sha Board

For the face and limbs these are two products designed for the needs of the face and limbs. The gua-sha boards aim to go deeper during the massage in order to relax muscle, or to use it on the acupuncture points for further purpose.

By practicing similar way as a comb, move it smoothly to give slight pressure on the skin can decrease tension and the help clear the bruises. The shape of board is in smartl size and easy to grip, the multiple angles makes massage on different part of body easier to relax muscles and Chinese-medicine meridians.

Handcraft with exquisite ceramics, the texture of gua-sha boards are strong and refined. The comfortable and smooth quality can avoid excessive pulling to harm the skin.

It is recommended to use facial board with proper amount of massage oil which can help oil absorb and at the same time to revitalize and restore the elasticity of the skin. This process in whole provides even excellent experience of oil massage.

Liver attention metabolism enhancement oil

This oil is designed for those who have long-term excessive energy consumption, chronic fatigue syndrome, and poor liver function. Those group of people always work overtime and stay up late, physical and mental fatigue accumulated restlessly.

The fatigue causes less relaxation that leads to dull and lack-of-elasticity skin, people became weak and looks like living in a gray and dark world This enhancement oil combines a variety of essential oils that enable people to profoundly loosen up and restore liver function.

The carefully blended proportion of aroma has avoided the resentment caused by the strong medicinal properties that traditional liver attention oils always did. The scent of liver attention oil is elegant and loving, full of healing power, and let people to relax and fall into sleep quickly.

Once the body and mind are about into entirely calm and nourish status, which will bring the radiance of the skin and a colorful world. Each of the joyful and confident days will return as well.

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