Erwachen launches Black bee honey and Alpine Rose Magical Facial Oil Serum

Published: 20-Mar-2020

The serum includes a variety of naturally anti-aging essential oils

Black bee honey & Alpine Rose Magical Facial Oil Serum has included valuable Rosa alba (white rose) and luxurious Rosa damascena (Damascus rose) essential oil to bring in the most lovely and magnificent satisfaction from their fragrance.

Rose essential oil not only brightens the skin, but strengthens the firmness of the skin, and prevent us from the effects of oxidation that might damage our skin.

Frankincense essential oil helps to maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin and hold back the aging situation. Studies have shown that frankincense will enhance the elasticity of the skin and avoid aging.

α-Bisabolol is for reinforcement against environmental damages. It helps healing the wound, soothing, moisturizing, calm and protecting the skin that will improve redness and roughness to strengthen the abilities of immunity and anti-aging.

Carrot Seed Oil stimulate cell repairing ability, especially for dry skin. Benefit from its good performance of protection, that keep skin in younger look, and effectively whitened and purified.

Patchouli Leaf Oil has been recognized as an antioxidant and soothing ingredient. It prevents us from photoaging and maintain our skin in good health to avoid the early-aging.

Alpine rose oil serum consists of various superior carrier oils. Among all kind of natural products that emphasized the effect of delaying aging, high quality carrier oils are no doubt the most important components.

Take the precious Pomegranate Seed Oil as example, it enhances the elasticity and regeneration ability of mature skin and has excellent antioxidant capacity which can delay skin aging.

Calendula Oil contains Vitamin E, a variety of essential oils, vitamins, flavonoids, and β-carotene that will comfort and soothe the skin, prevent skin from aging, and reduce fine lines. It is remarkable for fragile and sensitive skin.

Argan Kernel Oil has exquisite texture which is highly-admired by hair and skin products. Its ability for nourishing, repairing and moisturising keeps skin in good health to against poor elements inside the environment.

Therefore, the skin can sustain favorably soft and elastic.

Rose Hip Fruit Oil is one of the renowned ingredients in the skin-care industry. For softened horny, balancing oil secretion and increasing blood circulation, it efficiently relieves skin irritation, rebuild skin connective tissue, and repair old scars.

The Rose Hip Fruit oil postpones aging well, and also lighten fine lines and restore skin health. Over and above those natural ingredients, Black bee honey & Alpine Rose Magical Facial Oil Serum brings in the most cutting-edge development of A.M.A.S (Alpine Magical Activating Serum) which is consist of Alpine ancient black bee honey living yeast, the Alpine ice rose extract and Alpine ice magical sleeping essence.

The living yeast will promote skin regenerating and provide barriers, the ice rose extract itself is for preventing protein oxidisation and give back elasticity, and the ice magical sleeping essence offers people lives in modern society who suffered bad sleep and pressure a support to our cell produce more ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in order to resume energy, and then repair the aging skin to a healthier and radiant status.

This product is definitely a preferable quality skin care secret for strengthening and anti-aging. Black bee honey & Alpine Rose Magical Facial Oil Serum gathered a variety of precious and effective natural ingredients for anti-aging, it no-doubt creates the most adorable experience for skin care.

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