Croda Plex system launched to meet growing demand for Plex products

New system protects hair integrity during and after colouring and bleaching services

Croda International Plc, the name behind high performance ingredients and technologies, today announces the launch of Croda Plex to meet the rapidly growing demand for bond multipliers – a new type of hair care offering.

Croda Plex is a newly developed system that defends against colouring and bleaching damage and improves integrity of damaged hair after it’s been treated. It was created to meet the rapidly growing consumer demand for bond multipliers – a recently established hair care offering that saw 525% sales growth between 2014 and 2015*.

Considered by many to be a revolutionary treatment, bond multipliers are designed to build hair bonds and improve hair integrity. The prospect of bond building has tremendous appeal because hair bonds are broken during the damaging bleaching and colouring process.

“Croda is committed to catering to evolving market needs. That’s why we created the Croda Plex system – because we wanted to help our customers meet the growing consumer demand for bond multipliers,” said Denise Costrini, Marketing Manager – Croda North America.

Croda’s new Plex system builds bonds and boasts unique heat-activated properties that increase hair integrity within the cortex and protect the cuticle during blow-drying.

After using the Croda Plex system and blow drying the hair, tests revealed that the Croda Plex system increased bond-building and increased hair integrity over a super-bleached control and versus the Commercial Plex benchmark. In salon tests, the Croda Plex system left hair feeling stronger after Step 1 and all wet attributes of the hair were rated favourably and comparably to a commercial Plex system after Step 2.

The Croda Plex system is powered by several high performance Croda ingredients, including:

  • Crodasone Cystine is a copolymer of the amino acid cysteine and a silane that covalently bonds to hair to impart conditioning benefits
  • Keravis is a powerful hair strengthening active that acts on all of the three fundamental parameters of hair strength: tensile properties, bending modulus and cuticle abrasion
  • Crodazosoft DBQ delivers superior softening, even on aged hair, while defending against cuticle abrasion and helping to protect artificial colour

More information about Croda Plex, along with the system formulations, can be found on Croda’s website.

*Kline and Company 2016

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