Beautiful hair and glowing skin start from within

Published: 25-Apr-2024

A market glowing with potential

Today, more consumers realise that beauty comes from within. The result is a rapid rise of the beauty from within market, with global retail sales expected to reach a value of nearly 8 billion USD by 2028 (Euromonitor). More market statistics can be seen below:

Across all ages and genders, new consumer profiles are emerging beyond the traditional categories. Among many others, these include the 'Wellness' group, who prioritise holistic solutions with natural ingredients; the 'Skinimalists,' who look for simple and transparent nutricosmetics; and the 'Beautopians,' who embrace beauty from within as a lifestyle. Reaching these different groups means choosing the right ingredients to work with.

How Peptan promotes hair & skin beauty

Extensive research has validated Peptan collagen peptides’ bioavailability,1 and how they can enhance beauty from within.2 Now, three new studies add to the growing body of evidence backing up Peptan’s influence on hair and skin beauty.

In two studies, daily Peptan supplementation demonstrated a positive effect on skin beauty, enhancing skin density, elasticity, and hydration, while reducing wrinkle visibility.3,4 Moreover, a pioneering study revealed that Peptan intake increased the number of active stem cells within male and female hair follicles and inhibited their decline. As ageing often leads to a reduction in these cells, this research suggests that Peptan could potentially address age-related hair loss.5

Beautiful hair and glowing skin start from within

The ultimate beauty choice

This new, state-of-the-art research underscores Peptan’s power to promote beauty from within. As the gold standard for science, versatility, and sensory properties, Peptan can help your brand meet the needs of today’s demanding consumers on the beauty from within market.

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