Naolys is a French biotech company originated 20 years ago from our pioneering work in patenting plant cell culture techniques. We are committed to offering high-performing products that are respectful of both the environment and the skin Naolys products are whole plant active cells (not extracts) and exclusively contain the compounds and components that the plant would naturally produce. All these molecules are fully assimilable by the skin, as demonstrated each time through efficacy and safety testing

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Our range of products is very large (from more than 70 different vegetal species), providing different kinds of claims (anti-aging, hydration, brightening, soothing, mattifying, antioxidant, slimming, protection etc.) and they can be integrated in any kind of beauty product (facial care, makeup, hair care and body care). All our products are tested in vitro for efficacy and security, and 27 have also been clinically tested.

All our active ingredients are:

  • Made in France
  • 100% pure : without any preservatives or pesticides – they are pollution free, chemical free
  • Eco-friendly: their production preserves the environment and biodiversity
  • Available all year round
  • Available in several forms to answer all types of formulations
  • All our products in liquid forms comply with COSMOS standards.

With 4 standards forms (3 liquid forms and a powder form) they comply with sustainable objectives and standards and suit any natural or classic formulation.

All the products are manufactured in South West of France, close to Bordeaux. Naolys can also develop customized active ingredients according to your needs in terms of species and claims.


  • Classic Cells
  • Sister Cells
  • Active Plant Shells



Here are the main product claims Naolys’ actives answer:



  • For the second consecutive year, Naolys received the 2022 Gold medal by EcoVadis
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