Cornelius Supply Chain Pledge


Invests heavily in developing stringent procedures to ensure the quality of materials

The recent events that have been documented in the news concerning breast implants, is a current example of why Cornelius have created their ground breaking "Cornelius Supply Chain Pledge".

Cornelius Supply Chain Pledge

This European raw materials distribution company have invested heavily into developing stringent procedures to ensure the quality of the materials Cornelius supplies. Managing Director, David Brown, said to SPC: "We insist on the highest standards of ourselves and our supply partners, so that our customers can buy with confidence. We check all our suppliers and validate their quality and systems, to ensure that the goods we supply to customers are fit for purpose. The consequences of getting something like this wrong, are too devastating to individual consumers and companies involved, and we will never compromise on our high standards".

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Under the Cornelius Supply Chain Pledge, all suppliers represented by Cornelius Group are selected according to stringent standards, have robust quality systems, are audited, and meet legal and ethical standards.