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Dermaclaim is a dermocosmetic testing laboratory located in Valencia (Spain), focused on the analysis of products and the validation of efficacy claims, through in vitro bioassays and clinical tests in human volunteers

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We provide you with R&D testing and counseling at the same time, thinking always in your marketing needs. Dermaclaim wants to be your “Test and Trust” partner for in vitro and clinical testing. The company was born from the desire to offer the most reliable testing service, based on our passion for excellence, after more than 9 years of expertise in the cosmetic business.

Dermaclaim exemplifies its passion in a unique focus for quality, both in our laboratory services as well as customer’s support and response. Our mission is to ensure the generation of accurate and innovative findings to substantiate the marketing claims, focusing our research in dermocosmetic and nutraceutical products development.

We provide full transparency, our customers always have access to the complete raw data, and we make use of cutting-edge technologies, both for the in vitro bioassays and the clinical trials in volunteers.

Dermaclaim Lab

R&D Testing Services

Our portfolio includes > 130 studies to demonstrate the efficacy and functionality of end-products and active ingredients, according to all type of Claims related to dermocosmetics and nutraceutical:

  • IN VITRO: Human cell lines (HaCaT, NHEK, NHDF, NHEM, HUVEC, HPAd, HFDPC, HHFK, HSkMC, PCi-SEB, NIH-3T3...)

Bioassays: Antioxidant, skin ageing and protection, pigmentation, pollution, moisturising, barrier and regeneration, inflammation, penetration, acne and oily skin, hair efficacy, etc.

  • EX VIVO: 3D Reconstructed Human Skin models (RHE, RHE-FT, RHPE, Pig Skin, HSE...).

Bioassays: Antioxidant, skin ageing and protection, pigmentation, pollution, moisturising, barrier and regeneration, inflammation, penetration.

  • IN VIVO: Human volunteers (age, skin type, skin sensitivity, ethnicities…).

Clinical Tests: Wrinkles, roughness, pores, volumising and plumping, lips, acne, cellulitis, stretch marks, body remodelling, dark spots and homogeneity, skin tone, brightness, redness and erythema, waterproof, color stability, eyelashes, dark circles, cleansing, sebum, soothing, hair efficacy, skin thickness, etc.

Dermaclaim Lab

Why Dermaclaim?

1. Customer support in a comfort, close and quality manner.
2. Fast response and support to any query in less than 24 hours.
3. Scientific quality focused on your marketing.
4. Full transparency (complete access to raw data).
5. Access to the latest equipment and cutting-edge technologies.
6. Optimal technical study conditions in continuous improvement.
7. Special focus on the clinical recruitment taking care of every detail.
8. Affordable prices, cost-effective testing.
9. Location in the University of Valencia’s Science Park.
10. Thorough final complete report with a detailed executive summary.
11. Research and Development collaborations with public and private organisms.
12. Flexibility and custom-made studies
13. Led by passionate experts with a wide dermocostetic research expertise.
14. Scientific and market know-how.
15. Strategies, processes and policies developed under quality system standards.

Additional Contact Details

Phone: +34 644 41 61 12

Dermaclaim – Central Office

Calle Catedràtico Agustín Escardino, 9.
Edificio 3, Planta 2, Local 2.21
46980 Paterna, Valencia

Dermaclaim - Laboratory

SCSIE (UV) - Dermaclaim Laboratorio
Edificio Jerónimo Muñoz, 5ª planta. Cultivos Celulares.
Carrer del Dr. Moliner, 50.
46100 Burjassot, Valencia

Dermaclaim – Clinical

C/ Doctor Vicente Zaragozà, 38 Bajo.
46020 Valencia, Valencia

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Dermaclaim Lab Dermaclaim Lab Dermaclaim Lab


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