Colour and care collide at Armani with Rouge Ecstasy


In September, Italian luxury house Giorgio Armani will launch a new lip colour line, Rouge Ecstasy, which it claims bridges the gap between colour and skin care.

There are 36 lip colours in the range, which the company describes as a “solid, melting lip balm with the colour intensity of a lipstick”. The formula includes three proprietary compounds, Melting Cream Complex, which is high in moisturising pastes for continuous moisturising of the lips and on lip comfort; 3R Serum Complex with linseed, pro-xylane and vitamin C; and kaleidoscope pearls pearlisers, which are said to offer multi-dimensional refraction and make colours more vibrant. 

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The shades are divided into three families: Eccentrico (corals and pinks), Fatal (reds and purples) and Incognito (beiges and browns), and have names like Essenzo, Cashmere and Androgino. Each shade has a different recipe.  The lipstick tubes are the same shape as the Rouge d’Armani line but scarlet in colour rather than black. The lipsticks will retail at $34 from selected outlets.