ColourPop renames contouring shades after controversy


Brand is called out on social media for naming darker shades “yikes” and “typo”

Popular online brand ColourPop has renamed three shades of its Sculpting Stix product after mounting controversy.

Last week, several beauty bloggers questioned the name of three shades, all designed for darker skin tones. The shades “Typo”, “Dume” and “Yikes” were all criticised for their negative connotations.

The names were particularly criticised for their contrast to the lighter shades, called names such as “Gummy Bear” and “Castle”.

Notably, blogger Moyo Ajepe wrote an open letter to the brand on website Affinity Magazine in a post titled: “Dear ColourPop, my skin color is not a typo”.

Ajepe wrote: “Buying a product calling my skin tone “Dume” does not help girls that look like me use makeup to enhance and love the God-given skin that they’re in.”

As the story gained traction online, ColourPop renamed the three shades and issued a response saying that it would review its naming process.

The offending shades have now been renamed: “Point Dume”, “Bloom” and “Platonic”.

ColourPop told Buzzfeed News: “We are sorry and extremely grateful for our customers’ feedback. We have taken immediate action to change the shade names and review our naming process to ensure this does not happen again.”

This is not the first time that ColourPop’s shade names have attracted controversy. Earlier this year, ColourPop released a lipstick shade called “Gypsy” which was later renamed “Calypso” after similar backlash online.

ColourPop was developed by Seed Beauty and launched in 2014. The company sells its products exclusively online and is known for fashionable shades at budget prices.

ColourPop did not respond to Cosmetics Business’ request for comment on this matter.

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