Colgate goes after Gen Z with new sub-brand

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 16-Mar-2021

The toothpaste giant is tapping into the emerging oral beauty category driven by a new wave of indie and disrupter brands that are modernising the market

Colgate is the latest personal care and cosmetics brand attempting to win over Gen Z with a targeted sub-brand.

The oral care giant's new venture CO., which launches exclusively at Ulta, is tapping into the emerging oral beauty category, as seen via Kendall Jenner-backed brand Moon, new player Cocofloss and luxury toothpaste line Marvis.

In-line with the trend for value-driven consumerism, CO. is planning to donate a percentage of sales to yet to be announced non-profits.

Seven products will debut with the line, including a whitening toothpaste and treatment, stain removing mouthwash, tooth tabs, a whitening kit as well as a manual and an electric toothbrush.

According to Dana Medema, VP of Oral Care, Colgate North America, Co. is catering to Gen Z's demand for self-expression and authenticity.

"CO. by Colgate is more than a line of transformative oral beauty products that help create brighter smiles," she continued.

Colgate goes after Gen Z with new sub-brand

"It aspires to celebrate and support those working every day to build a brighter, more inclusive future. We hope to help shape a world where everyone feels safe and encouraged to be who they truly are."

Monica Arnaudo, Chief Merchandising Officer at Ulta Beauty, added: "As a beauty leader and preferred destination among Gen Z beauty enthusiasts, we know how important daily routines are to our guests' holistic wellbeing.

"CO. by Colgate turns the simple act of brushing one's teeth into a self-care ritual."

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