Capacitance imaging new MoistureMap MM 200

Published: 16-Nov-2021

The hydration distribution on the skin surface gives valuable information on the efficacy of cosmetic products and the micro-topography of the skin

Featuring new hard- and software the MoistureMap MM 200 facilitates taking high quality images and their evaluation:

  • very flat sensor surface without metal rim
  • capture-function on the probe handle
  • new moisture homogeneity distribution value
  • permittivity result
  • multiple topographic measurements (polygon size, corner density, anisotropy index)
  • impressive ”3D” style images
  • selection of an ROI and comparison of 2 ROIs in one image

It's therefore a very flexible instrument for cosmetology and dermatology.

Drop shape analysis for the determination of Wettability

Capacitance imaging new MoistureMap MM 200

The Drop Angle Meter DM 300 is a unique new instrument to assess the wettability, the free surface energy, the tension and the hydrophilic/hydrophobic properties of a surface like the skin. By characterising the shape of an applied drop several parameters and results can be obtained for assessing:

  • Effect of products on skin & hair (degreasing, washing, moisturising)
  • Water resistance of products (e.g. sunscreen)
  • Spreadability of products
  • Water repellence of products (e.g. lip gloss, nail polish)
  • Tissue Engineering, e.g. skin grafts for scars (improved adhesion of cells with increased wettability

The convenient hard- and software offer a new approach for the analysis of skin or other materials.

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