World Market Leader in Skin Testing Technology

Published: 7-Apr-2015

Courage+Khazaka electronic will demonstrate at booth 6T39 on in-cosmetics their broad range of devices used for efficacy testing and claim support. Many parameters on the skin can be assessed such as moisture, sebum, pH-value, the quality of the barrier function by transepidermal water-loss measurements, skin elasticity in different measurement approaches, skin colour as well as melanin and erythema, the gloss of skin & hair and skin topography parameters.

Courage+Khazaka also offer small battery operated units up to multi-probe systems with sophisticated software and image analysis systems for the point of sale to promote cosmetic products.

The latest developments:

  • The DandruffMeter is a unique device to assess dandruff in size and quantity in 9 different categories. It is a convenient tool for research of hair care products and their efficacy testing.
  • The MoistureMap, is a capacitance imaging device to provide information on hydration distribution and skin topography at the same time. It can work side by side with the established Corneometer and Tewameter and serves therefore as an overall water assessment centre for the skin.
  • The Invitro Tewameter is a probe for the TEWL measurement offering all benefits of the Tewameter. It is perfectly suited to sit on a Franz cell without needing further adapters. This offers the unique possibility to express the measured in-vitro TEWL-value in g/h/m².

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