Beauty foods to go


The beauty supplements market continues to grow with interest but is still tinged with skepticism. But recent well-being trends show that an attitude change is afoot for beauty snacks

Although nutricosmetics have been increasingly popular since their inception in the 1980s when Ake Dahlgren coined the phrase “beautiful skin begins within”, new nutricosmetic products are causing changes in this market. While conventional supplements are becoming more popular, ‘beauty foods’ are starting to swallow up the market.

Traditionally, nutricosmetics came in the form of oral supplements of substances like collagen, a good example of the kind of structural protein that drove the nutricosmetics market in the direction of supplementary pills. Collagen has the ability to improve signs of ageing and the overall appearance of the skin but, notably, marketing bodies emphasised the fact the substance is not regularly found in large quantities within an everyday diet and that an increased consumption through supplements would lead to extended benefits. Thus, people who were particularly health and beauty conscious have long been able to purchase tablets or gel pills to increase their collagen intake. In most markets, however, such supplements are relatively expensive and far from mainstream.


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