Baralan introduces new line of sifters, includes first adjustable sifter for glass jars

Published: 24-Feb-2022

Ideal for easy and convenient dispensing of loose powder skincare and makeup products, Baralan’s New Sifter 70 Series includes two varieties: an Adjustable Two-Part and Standard One-Part Sifter.

Baralan, a consolidated player in primary packaging for the cosmetics and beauty industries, has introduced its new Sifter 70 Series, a line of sifters for glass jars. Offered in two different styles, the series was developed as the ideal accessory for powdered skin care and makeup products.

Featuring a modern style with a matte surface finish, the new sifters are available in two varieties – an adjustable two-part sifter and a standard one-part sifter. The adjustable two-part sifter is the first of its kind in Baralan’s offerings to be paired with glass jars. The two-part sifter has an additional rotating twist and lock feature which helps to control how much product is dispensed, and when closed, prevents from spilling or collecting the product under the cap. Users can twist the inner component of the sifter to open and distribute the product and turn again to close and lock. Both sifters allow for easy and convenient dispensing of loose powders in the desired quantity, plus the elimination of unwanted clumps.

Baralan’s Sifter 70 Series is a mono-material item, made in polypropylene, designed for ease of recyclability. Aside from standard black and white, the sifters can be produced in any color making them the perfect accessory for a wide range of glass jars with GPI 70/400 neck finish.

“Style and functionality are always our top priorities when designing any new packaging accessory and our new Sifter 70 Series was no exception,” said Maurizio Ficcadenti, Global R&D Manager. “The new sifters are an exciting addition to our offering not only because they are the perfect combination of practicality and elegance, but also because it showcases the first-ever adjustable sifter we’ve developed for use with glass jars.”

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