Baralan presents 3D decoration for cosmetic packaging. A new era for personalisation

Published: 20-Mar-2024

Baralan, a leading company in the development and sale of primary packaging for the cosmetics industry in collaboration with Stratasys, a leader in 3D printing, and ICA, a global reference point for innovation in the glass and plastic coating sector, at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna announces a new three-dimensional decoration solution for cosmetic packaging

Baralan, inventing and innovating, always remains faithful to its DNA, to the commitment to develop new products both in design and functionality, continuing for over 60 years to play a fundamental role in the world of cosmetic primary packaging at an international level. The essence of a historic company, where know-how and research, experimentation, attention to aspects of sustainability and recyclability come together, which has always promoted an active listening to the market. This translates into proposing new packaging solutions every year, together with increasingly new ways of personalising products.

Product customisation is fundamental for a brand image and, with this new solution, Baralan offers the industry the possibility of obtaining something unique and original. “The collaboration with two leading companies, Stratasys and ICA, who strongly believed in the idea, allowed us to satisfy the needs of the market. Thanks to this project, it is now possible to have a unique, recognisable and outstanding product, without having to invest in expensive equipment, while at the same time promoting eco-sustainability. 3D printing on glass and plastic is tangible thanks to its adherence to the glass, transparency and charm through the use of infinite colours and designs.” explains Maurizio Ficcadenti, Global R&D Manager Baralan Group.

Baralan is proud to present an innovative solution for three-dimensional glass decoration and plastic accessories, tailor-made for the cosmetics sector. Thanks to the innovative GP3DPRINT water-based paint product developed by ICA exclusively for Baralan (also combinable with solutions from the BIO range), it is now possible to obtain reliable three-dimensional graphics applied on all the packaging offered by Baralan using Stratasys Polyjet technology. Baralan underlines how this opportunity paves the way for 3D printing in the world of mass production, with advantages in terms of costs, times and opportunities. This also translates into a concrete commitment to eco-sustainability, thanks to the reduction of the need for equipment and massive production to diversify in the cosmetics market.

Quality comes from passion: Baralan, Stratasys and ICA become representatives for the cosmetics industrial soul and dedication in all phases of the value chain, an attitude that considers sustainable and constantly evolving beauty.

This is how Baralan presents itself at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024, in the Cosmopack section, with this and many other new novelties.

Today, more than ever, it will represent a milestone in its experience, combining the different expressions of its soul, with its heritage and its modernity, in an international context, a key opportunity to share and communicate the latest news of its own and that of the market.

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